BPTA Skill Challenge

Hi Everyone,

I hope you well in these tough times. Why not try the BPTA Skill Challenge while the weather is so good? All you’ll need is a racket and ball. Let us know how you get on and post your videos for us. Good luck!



BLT&SRC Mini Tennis Red/Orange Competition – Sat 21st March



We are running a Mini Tennis Red (8&Under) and Orange (9&Under) Competition which is open to all BLT&SRC players on Saturday 21st March. The Mini Red event will be indoors and will run from 2-4pm. The Orange event will run outdoors from 3-5pm. Players will need to have a British Tennis Membership number to enter (see below). These results will count towards the players orange ratings and red matches.

The day will run as a competition format but the main emphasis will be on playing matches and giving the children the experience of competing at the appropriate level. All players will play around the same amount of matches regardless of winning or losing.

For those who don’t have a BTM it’s free to join up at https://www.lta.org.uk/member/ . Once joined you will receive a BTM number and a Mini Tennis Rating if in the 9&under (Orange) age category. There are no mini tennis ratings as Red as it’s all about playing matches.

Red Competition 2-4pm  – This is open for all players who were born on or after 01/04/11. 

Orange Competition 3-5pm – This is open for all players who are born between 01/04/10 and 31/03/11, or for players born between 01/04/11 and 31/03/12 who now have an Orange rating.

 Cost £14 (£16 for non-members of blt&src)

 Players born between 01/04/11 and 31/03/12 with an Orange Rating can choose which event they would like to enter.

 Please contact me to book in for this event at ollyculwick77@hotmail.co.uk . I will need your child’s BTM and d.o.b. Payment information below.

FYI the Competition Age groups and Mini Tennis Ratings system will be changing from 1st April 2020. I will send out more information out about this nearer the time. It won’t affect this Competition as it’s before the date but going forward it will have an impact on what Competition age group your child will be. For more information on the current mini tennis competition and ratings please follow this link https://www3.lta.org.uk/LTA-Mini-Tennis/Mini-Tennis-Competition/Competition/


Oliver Culwick – Head of the Berkhamsted Prestige Tennis Academy

Payment details:


Sort Code: 77-95-26  Account Number: 65078868

October Half Term – Red/Orange Competition Camps

We are running a Red/Orange Competition Camp for two days of the October half term. These will run on Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th from 9am to 12noon, with the option of all day if necessary. We also have a list of some local tournaments at Red and Orange level running from the afternoon of Wed 30th October through to mid November. We are also running a camps all through the week for all ages and abilities.

Please follow the links below for all the details on the camps and tournaments camps.

October Half Term 2019 – Red and Orange Camps and Tournaments


Summer Holiday – Competition Camps 2019

We are running six weeks of tennis camps over the summer holidays from Mon 22nd July to Friday 29th August. During two of these weeks we will be running some Competition Camps as well. This is for players who are looking to start competing.

These camps will run in the weeks commencing Mon 12th and Mon 19th August. They will run all week with full day and half day options and with a Halton Matchplay event at the end of each week on Friday 16th and 23rd of August. Please follow the link for all the information on these and contact me Olly Culwick if you have any questions.

Red Competition Camps: Summer Holiday – Red Competition Camps 2019

Orange, Green and Full Ball Competition Camps – HOLIDAY – HALTON MATCHPLAY CAMPS – 2019