Once the children move out of Mini Tennis they can join our Development programme. This is with the full tennis ball and goes from kids ages 10 through to 18 years old.

We have three different levels at these age groups.

Development Aces Programme is for players fairly new to tennis, or who like to play socially for fun and to improve their game. These players will often just train once a week and Tennis is probably one of many sports they play and enjoy.

Development Competition Programme is for our players who would like to take their tennis a little more seriously. These players are interested in playing in some competitions and will aim to enter the adult box leagues from the age of 14 years old. These players will be looking to train at least twice a week and Tennis will be one of their man sports. Many of these players will then go on to play for the adult teams when as they get older.

BETA Elite Programme is for players who are very serious about their tennis. They will look to be training at least four times a week and competing regularly in the highest graded tournaments. Many of these players will look to go full-time programme at some point.