Although there is a minimum criteria to train in the BPTA Competition Programme we also have different levels of training depending on player`s aims and ambitions. These levels are known as Elite, A or B.

BPTA Elite players are the BPTA top level players who are serious about committing to tennis as their number one sport and aspire to reach county, regional and even national standards. These players should be looking at reaching their top mini tennis ratings (level 1 and 1*) meaning they can compete at the next level earlier than their age will allow. They should be competing regularly in grade 3 regional and grade 4 county tour events with the goal of reaching the top ten in their County Leaderboards table which come into play from Orange (9&Under) upwards.

If a player is serious about reaching these levels then they need to be training at least three times a week, ideally with two weekly squads and a private lesson. Players cannot expect to be reaching these levels unless they are on this programme. We will often send these players through to County ID Fun days if we think they are ready.




BPTA A Players are players who want to commit to tennis and start competing on a regular basis. They should be aiming to work their way down to their top mini tennis rating and should be aiming to represent the BPTA teams. These players will be training twice a week in two weekly squads, or a squad and private lesson. Although this meets the criteria to train in the BPTA Competition programme these players should be aiming to move to BPTA Elite level at some point in the future.





BPTA B Players are our younger players who are training once a week in an extended weekly squad. These are for our Red Competition players only as a players wants to continue into the Orange Competition squads they will have to be doing a minimum of two weekly sessions. If they can`t commit to this then they will move into our BPTA Team Squads at Orange and Green level.

We don`t want to discard players if they can`t commit to more hours on court but they have to be realistic about where they want to go with their tennis. For instance, it will be highly unlikely that a player will be representing their county and playing in top regional competitions if they are only training once a week. This doesn`t mean you should give up but set your targets and goals appropriately.

As you can see from above players can train in a combination of squads and private lessons to meet the necessary requirements. Please click here for more information on what players will get out of squad and private lessons. Every BPTA player should aspire to be a BPTA Elite player, where they would be training in at least one weekly private lesson and two weekly squads. These players are then on track to join the Berkhamsted Elite Tennis Academy when they reach the appropriate age.


The BPTA work closely with the Berkhamsted Elite Tennis Academy. BETA work with our high performance players from the age of 11/12 upwards. Once the players move out of the BPTA they will have the option of joining BETA or the BLT&SRC Performance Squads.