There are literally thousands of Mini Tennis Competitions and Matchplay events every year. Competitions and Matchplays are graded from 7 down to 1. Please see the below link for more information on the Competition grading system so you can find the right one for you.

If you`re not sure what colour events your child should be entering then please see the below link to see the Age Group Calculator.

Sometimes children will be training at a different level to the one they have to compete at. For example: this is most commonly found in mini tennis red as unless you can work your mini red rating down to a level 1 you will have to compete at this level until you are almost nine years of age in some cases. These players will sometimes be training in out Orange groups at the club even though they must still compete at Red.

All junior age groups, from 8U through to 18U, are aligned with competition seasons. The competition season dates are:

  • Winter season: 1 September – 31 March
  • Summer season: 1 April – 31 August

Your age on the last date of the upcoming competition season will determine which will age group you will compete in for that season.

As a rough guide grade 6 Matchplays are always a good place to start for players new to competition with a level 4&3 rating. Matchplays differ to competitions as they are simply about playing as many matches as the time allows. Competitions follow more of a knockout format with a winner at the end, although they will always have either a box league qualifying or a compass draw that will always guarantee the player at least two/three matches.

Berkhamsted run lots of grade 6 Matchplay events at Red, Orange and Green level. John Bruley runs these for us and also runs events at Batchwood and David Lloyd Centres nearby. Keep your eye out for these on the newsfeed and the BPTA social media sites.