At the BPTA we have many future stars in the making. We have players from the age of seven years upwards who represent their County on a regular basis and players who have been identified by the LTA talent team. These players attend Regional and National training camps run by the LTA and are part of the â┚¬Ã…”Future Starsâ┚¬ programme.

Matthew Blood (aged ten) and Joel Pierleoni (aged nine) were both identified by the LTA when they were seven years old. The boys both joined the BLT&SRC programme when they were aged four and five years old. They were selected at one of our Talent ID sessions and invited to join the BPTA on the STARS OF THE FUTURE PROGRAMME. Both boys were fast tracked through the BPTA programme and represented their Counties from an early age, with Matt playing for Bucks and Joel playing for Herts. They were both identified at County ID days and now participate in Regional and National training camps with the countryâ┚¬Ã¢”ž¢s top players in their age group. Joel Pieleoni is now nine years of age and is training with the Berkhamsted Elite Tennis Academy which he joined at the age of eight years old. He is the youngest player to participate in any BETA programmes! Joel is currently ranked no. 9 in the country for his age group and has been given a passport by the LTA to compete in the older age groups. He has already travelled to Germany and France for training camps as well as competing in international events. You can see how Joel is doing and follow his progress by visiting www.betatennis.com

Picture of Joel Pierleoni below:

The BPTA prides itself on finding young players with potential and introducing them to tennis early, thus giving them an opportunity to fulfil that potential. As you can see by the two boys above we have a proven track record in this area, and a programme structure which can take players from as young as three years old through to the top levels. We have many more young stars that are following in Joel and Mattâ┚¬Ã¢”ž¢s footsteps. You can read up on these players in our latest BPTA NEWSLETTER.