Mini Tennis Competition
Whether you are just starting on your Mini Tennis journey or have been playing for a few years there are a lots of opportunities for you to get involved in fun and enjoyable competition.
Mini Red, Orange and Green competitions are graded to help you find the right tournaments for your playing standard starting with local tournaments all the way to a national level.
Once you have started playing in tournaments your results go towards increasing your Mini Tennis Rating which is used to help track your progress and assist with entry into competitions.

Mini Tennis Ratings
Mini tennis ratings are designed to help you get the most out of competitive tennis. The ratings are designed to reward you for competing, inspire you to develop your game and offer the opportunity to compete more regularly and to be the best you can be.

Please follow this link to download a the LTA parents guide to competition.  START COMPETING – PARENTS GUIDE

Mini Tennis Dashboard

You can keep a track of matches played and wins by checking the Mini Tennis Dashboard which is located in your BTM login area. If you are an Orange level or Green level player you may also want to know about Recent Form which is used for determining acceptance and seeding for competitions.

Get a Mini Tennis Rating
To get a rating you will need to sign-up to British Tennis Membership.

Mini Tennis Ratings Chart
Please click here to view the Mini Tennis Ratings Chart.

For more information on how the mini tennis ratings work through the levels please see the below links:

There have also been some changes to the Mini Tennis Ratings system which will come into effect from September 1st 2016. Please click here to see these changes.