The BPTA Tots Programme is for children aged 3-4 years old (Nursery/Pre-Schoolers) . It enables them to learn the basics and how to enjoy the game through a series of fun activities based on the fundamental sporting skills such as movement, balance and coordination. They will also be introduced to basic technique with lots of racket and ball skills included.

Please follow this link to download the 2019 tots tennis booking form BPTA TOTS & MINI TENNIS RED FUTURES 2019




The BPTA Red Futures Programme is for children aged 4-6 years old (Reception/Year One). It’s all about building self-confidence within a fun environment, whilst developing the fundamental sporting skills such as movement, balance and co-ordination. The players will learn the basic techniques and tactics to help them learn how to rally, serve and play the game. These squads will be held on the correct mini tennis red courts and will include lots of fun games that help introduce the competitive side of tennis. Children who have been training in the tots programme will progress through to the Red Futures squads when they are old enough. These players will train once a week as well as well as participating on other sports to develop their co-ordination skills.

Please follow this link to download the 2019 red futures booking form BPTA TOTS & MINI TENNIS RED FUTURES 2019

The Red Aces Programme is for children ages 6-8 years old (Year two/Year Three). These squads are also about building self-confidence within a fun environment, whilst further developing the fundamental sporting skills such as movement, balance and c0-ordination. The squads will be based more on developing the kids rallying skills and technique as we prepare them to start playing mini matches and point play, as well as preparing them for the move up to Orange when they turn 8/9 years old. We are always looking for players in this programme to join the Red Competition/Academy programme. Children training in our schools red squads will be encouraged to join the Red Aces programme as they improve.

Please follow this link to download the 2019 red aces booking form Mini Aces term-time course information and application form 2019


BPTA Red Competition Programme. As players turn six years old, or in some cases earlier, they will get the opportunity to join the BPTA Competition programme. This programme is for players who are looking to take their tennis little more seriously by committing to training twice a week, whilst still playing other sports to develop their coordination skills. Ideally this will be a Red Comp Squad which run for 1.5 hours and a weekly private lesson. The Red Competition Squads run for 1.5 hours as the first 1/2 hour is focussed on developing the kids physical and coordination skills for which we use the Multi-SlillZ programme The weekly private lesson can be shared with another Red Competition player to reduce the cost. Players can though mix a school/Red Aces squad as part of their two sessions, but should be looking to move to a weekly private lesson as they progress.

We will then slowly introduce these players to mini red competition with the goal of competing in mini tennis tournaments and teams as soon as we feel they are ready. We hold regular Talent ID sessions in all our Red futures and School Squads for this age group, as well as inviting all children from the local schools down to the club for our annual MINI TENNIS – STARS OF THE FUTURE day. Please follow the link for all the information on this day on Saturday 9th March 2019

As players progress on this programme and start competing they will look to progress through to our Red Academy Programme. These squads are the next progression for the Red Competition players. Tennis is now one of their main sports and they are taking it seriously by committing more training hours, as well as starting to competing regularly in Mini Red Competitions/Team matches and Matchplay events. Players will now need to train a minimum of three times a week. This will ideally be two weekly squads and one private lesson (ideally an hour by now), so will mean these players are training around 3-4 hours a week.  At least one hour of the weekly squads will be focused on developing the players physical and coordination skills, as part of the Multi-Skillz programme .

Players should also look at playing with their parents, or with a hitting junior when they are not competing at weekends. Players who are willing to commit to this programme will receive their second squad at a subsidized rate. This is part of the “Herts Inspires Tennis Potential” programme which is funded by Herts Tennis and is in place to support keen, enthusiastic and able young tennis players with the aim to nurture a love for tennis and develop confident and competent tennis players.